• The number of forcibly displaced persons worldwide is 65,3 millions, 38.2 millions of whom are internally displaced people (people who were forcibly uprooted and displaced within their own country), 21,3 millions are refugees outside the borders of their country and 3,2 millions are asylum seekers.
  • According to “EU-Gleichbehandlungsagentur” this is a global problem which can be only solved by sustainable and unified measures.
  • The war in Syria is driving one family from their home every minute.Worldwide, there are 24 new refugees every minute. In 2015 the global number of forcibly displaced persons grew by 12,4 millions.

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 “The refugees who arrive on the Italian or Maltese coasts are not just up to Malta and Italy to deal with, it’s our shared, Europe-wide responsibility. The images of coffins in the hangar of the airport in Lampedusa, the images of people climbing the barbed wire fence at the enclaves of Ceuta or Melilla – these do not fit into the image that we Europeans have of ourselves. A common European refugee policy should ensure that every refugee can make use of his rights: not to be rejected without being heard and to receive protection from persecution.”

Joachim Gauck, President of Germany, in July 2014

The main goal of our project is to bring young persons an understanding of what it means to be a refugee. We want to help our audience realize what it is like to be forced to flee your home and seek shelter from war and persecution.

We want to raise awareness for the fact that we are living a comfortable life of high economic standard, which we are taking for granted.

NUBIGENA-WOLKENKIND is holding talks at schools across Austria, where we try to reach the students by having refugees (from Afghanistan, Somalia…) tell their personal stories. Also, we feature persons from former war zones, who fled to Austria and were able to make a new life.

With your donation, you are allowing us to reach more children and adolescents. By contributing even a small sum of your choice you are helping us promote the ideas of tolerance, understanding and togetherness.

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